Thursday, February 16, 2017

Worldwide World Clock

Hi All,

Do you have the time? For Beijing?  Or for Paris? Or for London, Cairo and other major cities from around the world?

Well now you do!  Just click on this link from and you can find out what time it is in major cities from around the world. 

Users can find what the time is based on geography (Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Australia/Pacific, Europe and by country capitals.

Specifically the site says that users "can find current local time in cities worldwide, in all time zones with DST accounted for. Links to each city with extensive information on time, weather forecast, Daylight Saving Time changes, sunrise, sunset, moonrise times and moon phases."

How's that for complete information?

Enjoy the time links!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Hi All,

Click on this link to to do a search for missing money...Missing helps you search all participating states to find your family's missing, lost, and unclaimed property, money and assets. 

Click on this link for state/province sites to find missing money.  For other related links click here...NAUPA, Financial Management Service - Unclaimed Money and Assets and US Savings Bonds.

For site tips click here, here, and here...

Finally, click on this link for FAQ - it has lots of helpful questions about the site!


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl 51

 Hi All,

So today is the big day - Super Bowl 51. Located in Houston, Texas the game kicks off at 6:30pm EST.  Its the New England Patriots vs the Atlanta Falcons!

What a game.

Click the next bunch of links for information on the game - and, of course, the halftime show.

Learn more about the game and the players buy clicking on these links:
ESPN's version of what's going on in Houston with the Patriots!
ESPN's version of what's going on in Houston with the Falcons! - the main page for the NFL and a great site for massive amounts of statistics, information about the players and prior Super Bowls.  Don't miss it if you are a big football fan. 

Who's going to win the big game? Information from various sources including New York Times, Sports Illustrated and ESPN.

Click on these links to get  more 'inside football' about the two quarterbacks - Tom Brady (Patriots) and here.   For Matt Ryan, click,  Matt Ryan (Falcons) and here. 

Click on this link for some nuggets about the Super Bowl 51 halftime show with Lady Gaga.

Click on this link to get information about the Super Bowl 51 commercials you can't wait to see!

Finally, click on this link to get some ideas on what to serve at the Super Bowl 51 party that you might be having....better late than never!  From Delish, CountryLiving, PopSugar and Good Housekeeping. 

Finally, click on this link from CBSSports - it'll explain how to watch the game or stream the game via the web.

Enjoy the links, the food and the game!


Thursday, February 2, 2017

New York Public Library Digital Collections - Awesome

Hi All, 

Click on the following link to explore the over 700,000 items digitized from the New York Public Library's collections.  

Users can search for free using keywords, items, collections and various divisions of the library.

Some of the various collections include New York city Directories,  National Dance Institute Video Archive, German Master Prints, The Villager, Italian Master Prints, a Collection of Photographs of New York city and New York State, Early American Manuscripts Project and Winnie-the-Pooh Stuffed Animals (seriously), Atlases of New York City, Atlases of the United States, Maps of Africa hanging New York, George Washington Papers and more.

Enjoy the archive and the links!


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pixlr - Free Online Photo Editor

Hi All, 

So you have a phone - that takes pictures.  And you have a camera - that takes pictures.  Awesome.  Sometimes you need a free online photo editor to manipulate the image or images. 

And for whatever reason you don't want to use Google's Picasa.  That's okay - even if the Google guys don't like that...however there are alternatives. 

Welcome to Pixlr - the free online photo editor. 

Basically Pixlr is a free online photo editor.  Users can edit, adjust and filter images.  There is no registration required so users can dive right into using the software. 

Enjoy the site and editing your photos.