Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Going Far Beyond Google When Searching

Hi All,

Just found an interesting site from OEDb - Open Education Database - titled 'Research Beyond Google: 56 Authoritative, Invisible, and Comprehensive Resources'.

Basically the site discusses the Deep Web and various subject specific resources that will help you do your research quicker, more effectively and with better search results. Topis include Art, Books Online, Business, Consumer, Economic-Job Data, Finance-Investing, General Research, Government Data, International, Law-Politics, Library of Congress, Medical-Health, STEM and Transportation.

When you go to a particular site, you'll find a brief one or two sentence summary and a link to the site.  Simple and really, quite intuitive to use.

Enjoy the links and the site.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

HubbleSite - Space Images, Videos and More!!!

Hi All,

Check out HubbleSite for news, images, videos, blogs and more about astronomy, space and 'things related to NASA'.  

Click this link for news articles about celestial phenomena and the universe.   Click on this link to learn more about Space Telescope Science Institute.

This link takes you to many different space images while this link takes you to many videos related to space, astronomy and NASA.

The site has many interesting blog posts.  Users can search by type of blog post - for example you can search by text, video, audio and more.

Users can explore the site in much more detail by clicking on any of these 4 links - Discoveries, Astronomy, Technology or Education/Museums.

And to see the future of big space astronomy, click on this link to the James Webb Space Telescope!  Great information and 'inside baseball' related to the telescope on the site.

Enjoy the site and the videos and the pictures!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Another Clean Up Entry

Hi All,

Periodically I graze through my Firefox bookmarks and decide to generate a 'clean up blog entry' wherein I list sites that are interesting, but probably don't warrant a whole blog entry devoted to the particular site.  Today is another one of those entries...enjoy the links.  Its a bakers dozen list - there are 13 sites...

National Geographic Photo of the Day - great nature sites

Five Websites That Turn Your Used Electronics Into Money - courtesy of CNET.com

National Security Archive - from George Washington University

Financial Calculators  

Total Number of Websites - Internet Live Stats

Rantings of a Civil War Historican - My Top 12 Civil War Books

The Scientific 7 Minutes Workout - New York Times link from 2013...


Population Clock - from the US Census

Symptom Checker from the Mayo Clinic

6 Links That Will Show You What Google Knows About You - privacy?  what privacy.

The Daily Meal: #1 for Restaurants, Recipes, and Drinks

The Quest to Unlock and Ancient Library - article from the New Yorker in 2015


Monday, March 6, 2017


Hi All,

Do you need information about a particular city?  Do you need demographic information or house price in a particular location?

Check out City-Data.com for information like this and much more information.  The site has city information for all 50 states.  It has school and neighborhood information as well as assessment and restaurant information for all the cities it covers.  That's a lot of cities.

For example, the site has school information for elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, private schools and more.

One of the more interesting parts of the site is the section on restaurants. Users can find restaurant inspection findings and violations of your favorite eating establishment.

City-Data.com has "restaurant inspection findings from several states around the country. Records include dates and scores of inspections, as well as the types of violations noted (where available). Recently, we have added restaurant reviews as well. Users are able to score restaurants based on food, service, price, ambiance and cleanliness, and can add text and photos to their review.

Click on this link for restaurants in various parts of New York State.

Also, click on this link for City-Data.com forums.  FYI, some of the discussions can be way off base from the original topic...but it might be worth looking into. 

Enjoy the site.


Monday, February 27, 2017

Food Safety News

Hi All,

Food safety is a topic that should be on everybody's mind.  Its important since well, we all eat food.  Food Safety News (FSN hereafter) was founded in 2009 to provide timely reporting on food safety issues.. Simple - and very, very useful. Click here to learn a bit more about FSN. 

The site has information on Foodborne Illness Outbreaks, Food Recalls, Food Politics, Food Safety Events and more.  In addition, users can subscribe to the site and search the site for illnesses, outbreaks, recalls and more.  There is an RSS feed on the site that can be subscribed to as well.

Articles are detailed and include the manufacturer or seller of the product in question.  Articles are dated and included a word cloud of similar/related topics so users can delve more deeply into the topic in question. Users have the option of commenting on articles, sharing articles or recommending them...  Articles can be sorted as well by 'Best article', 'Newest article'  or 'Oldest article'. 

Users can click on other options on the site.  For example there are links to consumer education, food safety leaders, lawsuits/litigation, science/research, local food, sustainability, food recalls, for foodies, victim stories, nutrition and public health, foodborne illness outbreaks and more.  Click each link above for the particular topic of interest. 

Enjoy the site and the various links - they are really quite interesting.