Thursday, November 16, 2017

Unsplash! (Free photos)

Hi All,

Supershort blog entry today!

It's simple....if yu need beautiful, free photos for your computer or for your document(s), visit Unsplash. It is a website that users can find, beautiful, free photos.

Topics are arranged at the top of the page and include Business, Computer, Nature, Love, House, Landscape, Cat and Happy

So....what is Unsplash?  Great question - basically it is a website where over 300,000 free high-resolution photos are available to you for free.  Photos come from a  community of photographers.

Click on this link for more collections of photos from Unsplash! Warning - there are lots and lots of photos here to use in documents AND to just look at for their sheer beauty!!!!

Click on this link for Unsplash's FAQ page to learn more about the site. 

Enjoy the site!


Friday, October 27, 2017

A.Word.A.Day - The Magic of Words

Hi All,

Today's blog post is all about words - complicated words, simple words, definitions, synonyms, antonyms and homonyms!  Its a veritable feast of 'word' information!

There are lots of definition websites on the internet - but one of the better ones is A.Word.A.Day

Visit the site by clicking on this link or the link above.

So what's so great about AWAD (A Word A Day hereafter) you ask?  Well, users can subscribe to AWAD and have an email delivered to their inbox each day with a new word and definition!  Click here for more information about subscribing to AWAD. FYI, there is a premium edition for $45/year.

Click on this link to find out what today's AWAD is. Note that each AWAD entry includes the way the word is pronounced - so that you can sound intelligent in a conversation when you use a particularly excellent AWAD . You can also listen to the way the AWAD is pronounced by clicking on the speaker icon.

The meaning of the word is included in a sentence or two.  And the etymology of the word is included; which is basically how the word came into being.  Finally, there is a section on the usage of the word - and it is included in a sentence so readers can notice the context of the word.

Users are able to make their own comments based on the entry, etymology or definition of the word.

Users can click on the AWAD Archives to find definitions of prior words.  The archive is chronological by year - and it goes back to 1994!!!!

Finally, readers can click on this 'About Us' to learn more about Wordsmith and AWAD.  You can even send them an email to ask a question, make a comment or voice your opinion.

One last on this link to find all the dictionaries that the Farmingdale Public Library has in its collections!

Enjoy the site and your newly found words!


Thursday, October 26, 2017

The World Series

Hi All,

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros are playing in this years' World Series.  So far the series is tied 1-1.  

Click here for the schedule for the rest of the World Series. 

Click on this link to get the box score, summaries, video and more of all the recent World Series Games.  And to get more information about the two World Series teams click this link for the Dodgers and this link for the Astros.

For a blog post like this, believe it or not, Wikipedia is  useful for this type of entry....Wikipedia has an extensive entry on the history, rivalries and players for each of the two World Series teams.  Click here for the Dodgers and here for the Astros. 

Finally for some awesome statistics that cover the two teams, click on this link to Fangraphs for the Astros and this link for Fangraphs for the Dodgers!

Enjoy the links and the World Series!


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Is This Website Safe?

Hi All,

Symantec is a very, very large computer security company that provides computer security individuals and corporations.  Its a large, large company which bought another company called Norton several years ago.

Norton provides computer security to regular folks and their computers. They use a product called Safe Web - of which you can read about more by clicking here. 

The interesting thing about Norton Safe Web is that users can look up a site and get Norton's rating of the site with respect to security and safety of the site.  Click here to use Norton Safe Web.  Nothing is downloaded or installed onto your computer. 

Information about the site users type in includes: website location, Norton Rating, Summary and Total Threats from the site. 

Norton uses icons to let the viewer know whether or not the site is 'safe' to use.  A green box with an ok in it is the top rating.  An orange box with an exclamation point is the next rating.  A red box with an 'x' is the lowest rating.

Users can also tap into Norton Safe Search community rating by viewing the table for community ratings on the right side of the screen.  Users can also review sites with a brief narrative.  Date of the review is also included.

Finally, click on this link for Norton's Community Buzz page.  Viewers can see sites like Google, Facebook,  YouTube and many others and there Norton Safe Search scores.  Interesting!

To some extent the site is an free advertisement for Norton's Safe Web software - which they (Norton) are trying to sell to customers...Buyer/web viewer beware. 

But its still a somewhat interesting and useful website!  Enjoy the site and the reviews!


Monday, October 23, 2017

Free Stuff at Long Island Restaurants

Hi All,

Who doesn't like to get free stuff while you're at a restaurant.  Getting 'comped' like that makes you feel like a special guest - and the food or the drink or whatever you are getting for free - is usually extra good.  Because, well, its free!

Forthwith - a link from the Long Island Press from October 2017.  The article is titled, 'The A List: Free Stuff Restaurants Will Give You Just Because It's Your Birthday'. 

As is the case in life...there is a section in the article titled 'Fine Print'.  Which basically explains that the various restaurant(s) might require you to sign up for email or become a member of the restaurants 'club'.  (Which might entitle you to more free goodies in the future...)

As if that isn't enough; click on this link for an article titled, 'Free Things To Do With Your Kids on Long Island' published in September 2017 by

The article has a nice list of interesting and obscure - but family friendly - things to do on Long Island with kids!!!

Enjoy the links and the free stuff that Long Island has to offer!