Monday, October 23, 2017

Free Stuff at Long Island Restaurants

Hi All,

Who doesn't like to get free stuff while you're at a restaurant.  Getting 'comped' like that makes you feel like a special guest - and the food or the drink or whatever you are getting for free - is usually extra good.  Because, well, its free!

Forthwith - a link from the Long Island Press from October 2017.  The article is titled, 'The A List: Free Stuff Restaurants Will Give You Just Because It's Your Birthday'. 

As is the case in life...there is a section in the article titled 'Fine Print'.  Which basically explains that the various restaurant(s) might require you to sign up for email or become a member of the restaurants 'club'.  (Which might entitle you to more free goodies in the future...)

As if that isn't enough; click on this link for an article titled, 'Free Things To Do With Your Kids on Long Island' published in September 2017 by

The article has a nice list of interesting and obscure - but family friendly - things to do on Long Island with kids!!!

Enjoy the links and the free stuff that Long Island has to offer!


Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall Foliage Fun in New York

Hi All,

As you know the Fall is here.  And probably have realized that leaves are starting to fall from trees.  Leaves and trees....trees and leaves.  They make for great tree and leaf watching this time of year. 

And because New York State has so many trees and because tourism is such a vital industry to New York State, the NYS Department of Economic Development has created a site called I Love New York - Things To Do - The Fall Foliage Report.

As you would expect the site has great pictures, lots of information and more on the site. For example, there are links to Best Foliage Spots, a New York Fall Bucket List and a more general list of Fall Events in New York State. 

Users can request a printed copy of the New York State Travel Guide/Foliage Guide by clicking on this link.   The site also has a leaf identifier feature which is very helpful when leaf watching.

Enjoy the links, leaves and the site!


Friday, October 13, 2017

How to Recycle Your Technology

Hi All,

We all have tech - smartphones, iPads, iPhones, tablets, phones, ear buds, wall chargers, laptops, smartwatches, desktop computers, watches, hard drives, monitors, computer mice, DVD's, CD's, CD-ROM's, CD players, DVD players, batteries, headphones and more - somewhere in our closet or under our bed.  Its everywhere this stuff!

And what happens when a new phone or laptop or tablet arrives in the stores and folks buy it?  What do you do with the older devices and equipment? Indeed, that would make for a lot of extra landfill garbage! do you recycle your older tech in an environmentally safe manner?  Read on for websites and stores that have some type of recycling program(s)!

PC Reviews - How To Recycle Your Technology?

e-Stewards - where you can recycle your tech  

Best Buy - excellent recycling program - website is helpful to explain what they will/will to accept

Staples - member of e-Stewards - and it sells 'sustainable products'.

e-cycle - focuses on wireless mobile buyback and recycling for businesses and organizations

Call2Recycle - non profit program specifically collects/disposes rechargeable batteries

Recycle and help make for a better planet!  Enjoy the links!


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Speedtest - How Fast is Your Internet?

Hi All,

How fast is your internet connection?  Does your internet service provider claim one download speed and one upload speed - and you believe that it is much slower than that?    Indeed!

Click on this link from and you can see what your exact upload/download speeds are anytime of the day.

Its simple, click on the words 'Begin Test' and you're computer will be pinged and you'll find out what your upload speed is and what your download speed is!

Mobile apps are available from the App Store, Windows Store, Google Play and Amazon Apps by by clicking on this link! 

At the end of the test users will be able to rate their internet service provider and find out what their IP address is by looking at the bottom of the screen. 

Finally, users can click on the 'My Results' icon at the top of the page and see how their computer compares to a range of other computers and servers in various locations.

Enjoy the site and hopefully you have a fast internet connection for your downloads and uploads!


Friday, October 6, 2017

Lifewire - Tech Untangled

Hi All,

Lifewire is a new site to help you get the most out of your technology - so you can get the most out of your life. Huh?  What does that mean?

Basically Lifewire shows you and teaches you how to best use your screens and gadgets and have fun with technology.  The site helps you fix devices and tech that's not working and it helps you buy tech so it works best for your life.  Information presented in a straightforward, practical way and advice is easy to understand.

The main Lifewire page has four major links for 'How To', 'Fix', 'Buy' and 'Do More'.  
The 'How To' includes technology how-to guides and tutorials.  There are whole subcategories including information on Windows, Macs, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, Internet, Digital Cameras, Wearables, Game Consoles, Browsers, Car Tech and Antivirus.

Each of these subcategories has almost an 'encyclopedia' feel since articles are organized in the same fashion - with chapters on 'Basics', 'Guides and Tutorials', 'Installing and Upgrading', 'Tips/Tricks', and 'Key Concepts'.

Articles - for example - the one titled 'How to Register Your Vehicle Online' - can be anywhere up to about 1200 words or so.  Articles can be shared via Facebook, pinned via Pinterest and emailed or printed.  In addition, similar articles are listed at the bottom of the page for users who want more information on the similar topic, .

One very useful feature on the site is section on 'Tech Buying Guides'. This part of the site helps users decide which tech items are worth spending their money on - and which items are not worth spending money on.  Tech Buying Guides are broken down into categories of Computers & Tablets, Smartphones, Games & Consoles, Gadgets, TVs & Home Theater, Cameras and Audio.  Reviews are short and sweet and very tightly written.  They might be of some use to users.

Finally, Lifewire has a daily tips page - users can have a daily article sent to their email by clicking on this link (sign up at the bottom of the page!)

Enjoy the site and the reviews and the technology assistance!