Monday, December 11, 2017


Hi All,

Just found an interesting computer, geeky type site called 'How-To-Geek' (hereafter HTG). 

So, just what is HTG?  Its an online tech magazine that is dedicated to providing interesting articles, how-to's, and more to the audience of tech-type and not tech-type readers.  The site was founded in 2006 whose original goal was to bring a better how-to site to the internet - with content that's understandable for regular people, but geeky enough for more technical readers....(source: HT FAQ).

Click here for a link to the HTG Discussion Forum's.  

Click here for Windows articles and information. 

Click here for Mac articles and information about Mac OS. 

Click here for iOS article and for everything related to iPhone and iPad's.

Click here for Android articles and for everything related to Google and Android.

Other useful links on the site include Gaming, Security and Photography.  Click the links to follow them to that particular subject....

Enjoy the site and the new technology!



Friday, December 8, 2017

LibriVox - audiobooks

Hi All,

The rise of audiobooks in the book world has been nothing short of amazing.  As a matter off fact, the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about just this very topic in July 2016.

Click on this link to read the article from the Wall Street Journal. 

With that said, it was inevitable that a website or an organization would, at some point, come up with the idea making accessible free public domain audiobooks. Click on this link to access LibriVox. 

To learn more about LibriVox, users can visit this 'About LibriVox' page. It has links to their 'Fundamental Principles, What LibriVox does?, Contact Information and much more.

The LibriVox homepage has two sides - the left side has a link for volunteers to sign up to read books for LibriVox.  The right side of the page has the Listening part of the page.  This is where users go to listen to an audiobook on the site.

Scrolling down further on the page enables the user to browse the catalog by author, by title, by subject and by language....

Material is able to be listened to on computers, iPods, mobile devices or burned to a CD!

Enjoy the site and the audiobooks!.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Reading and Book Trends 2018

Hi All,

So originally I was going to write a blog entry about 'Shopping Trends in 2017' - but then I looked around and realized everybody and their sister would be blogging about this type of topic.

I needed to write about something different - and then I typed in 'trends 2017' in Google.  And low and behold the idea struck me - write about 'Book trends in 2017'.

Click on the various links below to learn about book trends.

Enjoy the lists and the trends for 2018!


Izzard Ink Publishing - 5 Publishing Trends For 2018 

Publishers Weekly - Bologna 2017, Agents Talk Children's and YA Trends - 2017 Publishing Trends For Authors 

The Guardian - Up Lit: The New Book Trend With Kindness at Its Core - Top Trends: What Publishers Should Expect in 2017? - Fiction Trends to Watch For in 2017 (and Beyond) 

Children' - Trends in Children's Books and Young Adult Novels 2017 - Real Books Are Back, E-book Sales Plunge 20% 

GoodReads 2018 Book Lists

Publishers Weekly - New and Anticipated Books 2018

Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday

Hi All,

Thanksgiving has come and gone...and now the holiday season is upon for real!  Which, of course, means that holiday shopping has started!'s a list of some Black Friday deals.
 The Verge - 24 Best Deals
Engadget - Best Black Friday Deals 2017
ABC News - Year's Can't Miss Black Friday Deals 
Walmart -  Best Black 2017 Advertisement
BGR - Black Friday Deals 2017

Cnet - Cyber Monday Deals  
Fox News - Cyber Monday's Biggest Deals and Savings
CBS News MoneyWatch - 10 Stores Will Have the Best Cyber Monday Deals in 2017

Here's the Wikipedia entry for Black Friday - interesting read!  And, here's the Wikipedia entry for Cyber Monday - another interesting read!

Enjoy the shopping!


Monday, November 20, 2017

2018 Fuel Economy Guide

Hi All,

With the price of gas soaring in many parts of Long Island, now is a great time to view the 2018 Fuel Economy Guide from the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Fuel economy is an important factor for consumers when looking to purchase a vehicle. Each year the DOE and the EPA publish the Fuel Economy Guide to help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing a vehicle. 

The Guide features fuel economy, annual fuel cost, and emissions information for new model year cars, sports utility vehicles, and light trucks. Users can obtain  a printable, electronic version of the 2018 Fuel Economy Guide by clicking on this link. 

In addition the DOE and the EPA have also developed the fuel economy website Fuel
Click here for the site.

The site features updated fuel economy data  for new and used passenger vehicles dating back to 1984, allows side-by-side vehicle comparisons, and offers fuel-saving tips.  The website also contains vehicle specific air pollution emissions information and safety ratings and provides links to car buying websites. The site is a definite must for those folks who are thinking of or about to buy a car!

Enjoy the links and the better gas mileage.