Thursday, October 20, 2016

I Wish My Teacher Knew...

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I just heard about the on the radio and decided to follow up on it...

"One day, third-grade teacher Kyle Schwartz asked her students to fill in the blank in this sentence: "I wish my teacher knew______________."

"Some answers were funny, others were heartbreaking.    All were profoundly moving and enlightening. The results opened her eyes to the need for educators to understand the unique realities their students face in order to create an open, safe, and supportive classroom environment. When Kyle shared her experience online, teachers around the globe began sharing their own contributions to #IWishMyTeacherKnew."

There is an image gallery on the I Wish My Teacher Knew website! 

Here are a few news articles about the site.
CBS News
New York Times 
Washington Post 
Scary Mommy

Enjoy the links and the comments.


Friday, October 14, 2016

AAA Gas Prices

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With all the ups and downs of the price of gasoline recently, I thought it would be interesting to post about gas here for a chart of gas prices for the last 5 years.  Info is from

More to the point is the current price of here for a map of gas prices across the United States. 

Note that on the left side of the page is a big red circle that says, 'Today's AAA National Average $2.251 - prices updated as of 10/14/16 3:38am ET'.  Wow - talk about timely information.

Note also that on the map you can hover over a particular state and you'll get the average price of gas for that state. Interesting.  But wait, there's more.  The map is color coded where the redder the state, the more expensive the gas.  The bluer the state, the less expensive the gas. 

Also on the page is a Gas Cost Calculator, News, Top Trends and a search box.

The Top Trends option needs a bit of explaining. Users can filter average price of gasoline by  the current day average, yesterday's average, a week ago average or a year ago average.  Users can further filter the information by region (option is either state or metro).

Finally users can filter by most expensive, least expensive, biggest change or smallest change of the price of gasoline.

Enjoy the site.


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Long Island Breweries

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It's Fall - the weather is finally starting to cool and there is just a hint of 'winter' in the air.  Get ready for the cold weather - but before that....get warm with a brew or two.

Did you know the craft brewing has been getting more and more popular for at least 20 years? It has and here are just a few of the many,  many articles that discuss the popularity of the craft brew industry. 
Fortune - Craft Beer Sales Rise
LA Times - Craft Brews Are In Great Demand, and So Are the Breweries
USA Today - Battle Between Big Beer and Craft Beer Escalates 
ShortList - Rise and Rise of Craft Beer

Click on this link from LongIsland.comIt's a list of breweries on Long Island - replete with links to the various breweries.  How many of these breweries have you been to? Blue Point Brewing, Fire Island Beer Company, Long Ireland Beer Company?

Click on this link from Wikipedia to learn more about microbreweries - it has extensive links to microbrewery information for the United States and for other countries. 

For a deep dive into the details of craft brewing, click on this next link which goes to the Brewers Association (a passionate voice for craft brewers). 

Finally, click on the link to what some folks is the granddaddy of all craft beers - Samuel Adams. 

Enjoy the links - and remember, drink responsibly.


Friday, October 7, 2016

2016 Farmingdale Fair

 Hi All,

Did you know?  That the Farmingdale Street Fair is this weekend.  Actually it started on Thursday - yesterday - and runs through Monday (which is Columbus Day). 

For more information, click on this link from - the site bills itself as being where art and fun mean business.  Click on this link for directions to the fair. 

So...what does the fair include?  You guessed it... there will be great food, great vendors, pickles, lemonade, pony rides, inflatables, flowers, plants, toys, and more. Fun for the whole family.

Thursday: Carnival - 5pm-10pm
Friday: Carnival - 5pm-11pm
Saturday: Street Fair - All Day. Carnival - 12noon -11pm
Sunday: Street Fair - All Day. Carnival - 12noon -11pm, Parade 6pm, Fireworks 9pm
Monday: Carnival - 12noon-10pm

Enjoy the fun!


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Best Second-Screen Apps For Watching Baseball

Hi All, has come out with an article titled 'Best Second Screen Apps For Watching Baseball on Your Phone'.

The article lists and discuses the seven best second-screen apps that you can use on your smartphone or tablet to watch baseball - well, to watch the baseball post-season now that the regular season ended.

Note that each 'review' on the site is fairly in-depth.  Pro's, con's and major features on the apps are discussed. 

The seven apps (with links) are MLB At Bat, MiLB First Pitch, ESPN's App, ESPN Fantasy Baseball, iScore Baseball, Bleacher Report, OwnersBox,

Enjoy the MLB post-season!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Nassau County Community Policing Center Temporarily Moves To Farmingdale

 Hi All,

Just a quickie post today.  The above mentioned title says it all...the Nassau County Community Policing Center is temporarily moving to Farmingdale.  Click on this link to see the article from the Farmingdale Patch. 

The center will relocate while the original location will undergo construction starting this week - September 13, 2016.  The new address is the site of the South Farmingdale Fire Department Station on 44 Beverly Road in Farmingdale.

Other helpful services of the Second Precinct include: 
Phone Number: 516-573-6200 
Obtain a copy of an accident report

Pistol License Renewal

Public Information Office

Strat-com - Uniform Crime Report

Bullying Guide For Parents

Bullying Guide For Teens

Safeguard Your Car

Safety Tips For Seniors

Hope the links help and are useful!