Thursday, May 26, 2011

Buying a Car - Negotiating and More

Hi All,

Just wanted to post a 'car' related entry - I have yet to post one since I started the blog last, without further ado...

Buying a car is likely giving you some stress. Click here for some negotiation tips from Click here for the site, and here for the article on the tips.

I liked the fact that this article has a script wherein the reader can almost see himself or herself in the identical situation at the car dealership. Very helpful.

When I bought a car a few years ago, I actually used this site called Click here for the link. In particular I found this section of the site very helpful.

Hopefully you will go to a reputable car dealership and not have any funny business go on when you are negotiating or looking at cars...

Obviously finding the best price on the car of your dreams is important. Click on this link to find out how to do this at '

Click on this link to see how to beat the car salesman at his/her own game. Why should car salesman and car dealerships always have the upper hand in this game? Indeed. Click here for another - similar - but different take on how to get a fair deal when buying a car.

Also, remember about Consumer Reports - we have the latest car issue behind the Reference Desk at the library. Also, if you go to the Consumer Reports website they will ask you to pay for a subscription. Only at that point will you have access to the April New Car issue...go figure, Consumer Reports is trying to make money.

FYI, Consumer Reports publishes the new car issue each April - and of course we buy two copies of the issue at the library with that in mind!

Finally, click here for a link to the library card catalog for the subject of buying a new car!

Good luck and I hope you find the car of your dreams at a price that you are satisfied with!


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Erwin Calverley said...

The links you provided can be helpful for prospective car buyers. Shopping for a new car is a big investment decision. Car buyers need assurance that they will receive value for their money.